CVCC Alexander Complex Launches First Sustainability Technologies Program

This Fall, CVCC launches Sustainability Technologies, which will be the first curriculum program that can be fully completed at the CVCC Alexander Complex.


Construction Academy students build wiring booths for new Sustainability Technology course

This Fall, CVCC launches Sustainability Technologies, which will be the first curriculum program that can be fully completed at the CVCC Alexander Complex.

Sustainability Technology is a vital aspect of the Construction industry. To be successful, employees must understand concepts of energy production, waste reduction, current design practices, and approved energy codes.

CVCC’s Sustainability Technologies program focuses on subjects of Building Science, Codes and Inspections, Photovoltaic Energy, and general Construction. For anyone interested in construction, environmental, renewable energy, or related industries, Sustainability Technologies opens doors to professional qualifications which can help employees launch an innovative career.

This curriculum is expansive, and can be useful in a variety of industries within Alexander and Catawba Counties. According to Ramie Robinson, Director of Electrical Systems and Computer-Integrated Machining, “Every construction trade area has seen a significant need for workers to enter the local workforce over the last several years. CVCC has seen considerable growth (in programs) to help the demand for workers in our area.”

One Sustainability Technologies course, ELC 113—Residential Wiring, requires access to electrical wiring booths where students can learn hands-on. This course ties Sustainability Technologies to Electrical Systems and other college programs.

While the Alexander Complex does not currently have an electrical booth space, the CVCC Construction Academy is pitching in to help.

Construction Academy students are building the wiring booths which will be used on the Alexander campus by Sustainability Technology students in the Fall. Robinson explains that linking the summer project to a curriculum program allows Construction Academy students to gain real-world experience and receive the opportunity to earn college credit. 

“The new program will also allow high schools with a CTE Construction program to connect students to the college-level program,” Robinson continues, “so they have further opportunities to receive post-secondary credentials.” 

Aden Cranford, Dean of Career and Technical Education at CVCC, shares her anticipation for the ways this new Sustainability Technologies program, and the Construction Academy project, will impact the CVCC students across the county. “CVCC is bringing many new courses and offerings to Alexander County at the ATEC building,” says Cranford. “We are excited that our new program, Sustainability Technologies, will be the flagship program of study. All program courses will be offered solely in Alexander County, and under the leadership of Department Head, Ramie Robinson, we know this program will thrive. Ramie understands both the needs of Alexander County and how important the trades are in our community.”

Through teamwork and support, the CVCC Alexander Complex will have one more avenue to help students reach new heights.

For more information about the Sustainability Technologies program at the Alexander Complex, contact Ramie Robinson at

Pictured Above: Summer Construction Academy students work on building the electrical wiring booths for the inaugural Sustainability Technologies program at CVCC.


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