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Click the New Posts link in the CommonSpot menu bar to quickly view and optionally share your notifications and customized feeds. Administrators enable feeds through Customer Administration - Utilities - Notification Feeds. See the Administrator's Reference for more information. PaperThin provides its own feed for CommonSpot product and service alerts.

Clicking a Work Item link displays pending items in My CommonSpot


Sort by date (descending) or by feed (source).

Feeds initially display as "unviewed." They are marked as "viewed" when you click Close All as Viewed. Viewed items are not displayed when the Show New Only box is checked.

You can optionally select Mark all as New to reset the items in all displayed feeds to "unviewed."

CommonSpot tracks when you last marked feeds as viewed, but cannot track read/unread status for individual news items.

Available Feeds

You can show/hide feeds by selecting/deselecting options here. The default state for each feed is controlled through Customer Administration - Utilities - Notification Feeds. A feed with a state of Mandatory displays as checked and disabled - you cannot uncheck that feed. See Notification Feeds in the Administrator's Reference for more information on these settings.

Feeds that were previously hidden are in a fresh state (unviewed) once you "unhide" them.

Only feeds checked as Available here are counted as New Posts in the CommonSpot menu bar indicators.

Feed Archive

If an archive URL was entered for the feed in when it was created, a link to the archive displays here. See Add Notification Feed.

Clicking Close exits the dialog without resetting status to "viewed." Clicking Close All as Viewed sets all Available items as viewed and removes them from the Posts count in the menu bar.


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