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CVCC Alerts and Weather

This Alert RSS Feed pulls data from the CVCC E-Launch system. CVCC's V-Alert App can be downloaded at Google Play or the Apple Store. These alerts will only show for 24 Hours.

CVCC Alert

» How to download the CVCC V-Alert App

All alert messages will be displayed below. Please refresh you browser to get the latest updates.

To get the quickest Alerts download the CVCC V-Alert App on your mobile device. There can be a delay in this third party feed reader.


**All CVCC Campuses will open at 12:00 PM on Friday,  January 19. **



» How to download the CVCC V-Alert App

» View CVCC Alert RSS Feed.

How can I find out about CVCC Inclement Weather Closing & Delay Announcements?

  • By downloading the CVCC V-Alert App from the Google Play or the Apple Store
  • By phone message on the automated phone attendant (dial (828) 327-7000 and press 2 when the welcome message begins – the welcome message does indicate to press 2 for inclement weather closing information)
  • By this CVCC Alert RSS web page
  • By message on CVCC Facebook page
  • By CVCC Twitter feed (if you have subscribed to this service)

We do not plan to utilize the radio or TV stations since our message options through them are quite limited and there is a higher chance of inaccurate information via this method.

Information regarding late openings due to inclement weather

When CVCC makes a decision to open late due to weather, we generally do not announce a delay in terms of hours (such as a two hour delay) but rather announce a late opening until a specific time (such as 10:00 AM). If we have a late opening, all class time and activity time scheduled prior to the announced opening time are cancelled. Faculty, staff, and students are not expected to arrive on campus until the announced opening time. The normal schedule for that day resumes at the announced opening time. If a class or activity for that day includes time before and after the announced opening time, that class or activity should begin at the announced opening time.

Example: a late opening until 10:00 AM on a Friday.
A class scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM and end at 9:50 AM on that Friday would not meet.
A class scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM and end at 10:20 AM on that Friday would meet for 20 minutes (10:00 AM to 10:20 AM).
A class scheduled to begin at 10:00 AM and end at 10:50 AM would meet for the regularly scheduled 50 minutes.

We realize there may be some slight delays in classes getting underway since faculty may not have the opportunity (nor are they expected) to arrive early.

There are a few exceptions to the above general guidelines. Certain short term continuing education classes are cancelled completely if we open late. An example might be a certification class that is required to meet 8 hours. Rather than satisfy part of the 8 hour requirement on the day we open late and satisfying the remaining portion on another day, the College may elect to cancel the class and reschedule the entire 8 hours. Such decisions are made by continuing education faculty and staff on a class by class basis.