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Workforce Development Project Management Schedule

Project Planning and Control - Managing a project carries complex concerns, not always found in traditional management. In this three-day workshop, you will learn and practice the tools and techniques needed to make you a successful project manager or leader using realistic case studies and exercises. You will learn to identify and execute appropriate planning, organizing and controlling steps for projects, while ensuring quality the first time. Take this course if you will ever participate in, or manage a portion or the entire project in an organization (hierarchy, matrix, or global task force) with shared or part-time resources, all with shifting priorities.   

Date: 7/13/15 - 7/15/15

Days: M/T/W

Time: 8-12/1-5
Registration Fee: $795.00 

Determining Business Requirements - Many of us work on projects, as team members, line managers, users, support groups or project managers. Most of these projects span multiple departments, groups and borders within an organization. This program is for anyone who participates in, or leads teams involved in developing the business requirements. A business requirements document identifies what the project will do and what it will not do. This information is needed by the Business Sponsors to decide whether or not the project should proceed to the next step, frequently known as the Functional Specifications.

Date: 8/11/15 - 8/12/15

Days: T/W

Time: 8-12/1-5
Registration Fee: $595.00


Using Microsoft Project for Effective Project Management - Need a tool to help manage all your projects? Microsoft Project has the power to help you manage multiple projects with accuracy and effectiveness. Already familiar with project planning and control, you can expect Microsoft Project to help give you greater speed and ability. We'll focus on areas where the tool can help you plan, organize, track and control a project, its schedules, estimates, deadlines, costs and associated resources.

Date: 7/28/15 - 7/29/15    
Days: T.W                   
Time: 8-12/1-5

Registration Fee: $595.00


PMP/CAPM Exam Prep - CVCC’s exam prep course prepares you for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) or the Project Management Professional (PMP) designation. The entry-level CAPM and the higher level PMP credentials are offered by the Project Management Institute. This leading professional organization says both are in demand and globally recognized to demonstrate experience, education and the competency needed to successfully lead and direct projects.

Date: 9/1/15 - 9/3/15

Days: W/TH/F 

Times: 8-12/1-5 

Registration Fee: $795.00


For more information, please contact Dana Glenn at (828) 327-7000 x4590.

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