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Homegrown teaching scholars
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the class schedule/length for the Pre-Teaching Major?
Education classes are offered in the day and evening. Students can enroll in traditional seated classes, telecourses and internet-based courses. There are 65 hours required for an Associate in Arts in Pre-Teaching; the average full time student can graduate in 4 semesters or 2 calendar years; part time students generally need up to 4 years to graduate. Following graduation, students must complete the last two years of the teaching degree through a four-year institution. Note: Many programs are offered at the Hickory Metro Higher Education Center located 1 mile from CVCC on Highway 70 SE.

What is the required course of study for Pre-Teaching Majors?
There are several different majors that can be chosen within the Pre-Teaching field depending on the age desired and subject area chosen. Please see our catalog for College Transfer Pre-Major programs in Associate in Arts, Associate in Fine Arts, or Associate in Sciences.

How is admission into the program granted?
The Homegrown Teaching Scholars are selected yearly to begin in the fall semester. Admission to the program is based upon completion of all minimum requirements as listed on the application, the number of vacancies in the program, and the competitive selection process. To begin the admissions process, complete the CVCC Application for Admission and return it to the Homegrown Teaching Scholars director.

What costs can I expect while attending CVCC?
College tuition is set by the North Carolina State Legislature and is subject to change. Please see Admissions Tuition Costs for the current tuition rates.

What financial aid will I receive as a Homegrown Teaching Scholar?
All applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for financial aid. To determine eligibility, an applicant must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application is available in Student Services on the main campus and CVCC Alexander Center. Additional copies are available from the Homegrown Teaching Scholars director.

Homegrown Teaching Scholars are required to complete a CVCC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Application yearly. Many scholarships are available through the CVCC Foundation, Inc. Applications for the CVCC Foundation Scholarships are available in the Foundation office located in the lower level of the Student Services building, in several locations across the campus, or from the Homegrown Teaching Scholars Director. Applications are due by April 1 of each year.

Homegrown Teaching Scholars are provided FAFSA forms, CVCC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship applications, and a list of scholarship websites upon request. At times a limited amount of loans may be available. Homegrown Teaching Scholar loans are not meant to replace other forms of financial aid, but to add to other assistance.

Do I have to repay financial aid?
It depends of the type of financial assistance received. GRANTS and SCHOLARSHIPS do not have to be repaid. LOANS do.

If Homegrown Teaching Scholar loans are available and a student accepts the loan, the loan must be repaid. To repay the loan, the student agrees to teach for 4 out of 7 years in his/her county of residence. If a student chooses not to teach, the loan is repaid in the following manner:

Teaching Commitment FulfilledRepayment Amount
Does not teach in home county total loan dollars received, plus 10% interest
Teaches less than one (1) year in home county total loan dollars received, plus 10% interest
Teaches only one (1) year in home county 75% of loan dollars received, plus 10% interest
Teaches only two (2) years in home county 50% of loan dollars received, plus 10% interest
Teaches only three (3) years in home county 25% of loan dollars received, plus 10% interest
Teaches four (4) years of seven in home county 0% of loan dollars received


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