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Dream-Believe-Achieve Scholarship Program

Do you dream of attending college?
Do you believe it's out of your reach?
Check out how you can achieve your goals with our Dream-Believe-Achieve scholars program at CVCC.

The mission of the Dream-Believe-Achieve (DBA) Scholars Program is to provide unique mentoring and support opportunities to selected middle school, high school and adult students in the CVCC service area of Alexander and Catawba counties.

Our goal is to create academic excellence, social competence and personal growth in the areas of leadership, communication and self-reliance. With CVCC's support, DBA Scholars will: 

  • Acquire the skills necessary to be lifelong learners, 
  • Be empowered to achieve their highest potential by identifying and conquering barriers to achievement of a post-secondary education, and 
  • Will serve as role models for future generations of scholars.

Star DBA Scholars Program - 6th Grade

The  Dream-Believe-Achieve (DBA) 6th Grade Scholarship Program is a unique, specialized mentoring and support opportunity directed by the CVCC Office of Student & Community Engagement.  This program will faciliate academic success, leadership skill building, personal confidence and college retention abilities. 

Sixth grade students from Alexander, Catawba, Hickory Public and Newton-Conover City School systems will be selected annually and will begin the program in the fall of his or her 7th grade year and continuing at CVCC through college graduation or completion of study.

Two types of DBA Scholars are selected: 

Gap Scholarship.  This scholarship is awarded to selected Scholars based upon need and participation in the mentoring program spanning grades 7-12.  Upon satisfactory program completion and high school graduation, the DBA Scholarship Program offers "gap payment" for a two-year CVCC associate degree, diploma or certificate.  

Gap payment is defined as payment-in-full for tuition expense after the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is filed, disbursed and all financial aid has been utilized.  No cash refunds will ever be distributed from this scholarship.  Some textbook stipends may also be available.  These funds are not expected to be repaid.

Merit Scholarship.  This scholarship is determined and awarded to Scholars based on grades and participation in the DBA mentoring program over the six years (grades 7-12).  Monies for these students are placed in a scholarship pool at the time of selection and will be distributed per student based upon satisfactory program completion and high school graduation.  Scholarship amount will be announced at senior year award ceremonies.  The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be filed, disbursed and all financial aid utilized before this scholarship is applied.  No cash refunds will ever be distributed from this scholarship.  Some textbook stipends may also be available.  These funds are not expected to be repaid.

» Please read the 2013 2014 DBA Handbook for all program details.

 Star DBA Scholars Program - Curriculum Students

Designed to provide “gap” coverage between the college student's Financial Aid award and the actual cost of educational expenses, this fund targets adult learners exhibiting financial need and/or developmental support.

You may pick up an application in the Cuyler A. Dunbar building, office 131.

For more information, contact Lori Ward

Phone: 828-327-7000 ext. 4264
Fax: 828-324-5130

Star DBA Scholars Program - Continuing Education Students

CVCC offers scholarship assistance to select Continuing Education Students. This scholarship is designed to assist students in reconnecting with the workforce. Based upon tax-returns and life change situations, select scholars will be monitored for completion markers as they advance through CVCC Innovation Centers training and education.

To schedule an interview, contact Donna Trado.

Phone: 828-327-7000 ext. 4325
Fax: 828-322-5455

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