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Doing Business with CVCC

Catawba Valley Community College welcomes new suppliers, especially those with innovative products or services that will improve quality and reduce costs.

If you are interested in doing business with Catawba Valley Community College, please contact our Purchasing Department.  We will contact you if and when a need arises for the product and/or service offered by your company.

Registration with NC E-Procurement may be necessary in order to do business with us.  Further information is available for suppliers if you would like to make an appointment.

PLEASE NOTE:  All orders are required to have a purchase order number.  Any work, materials, or services provided prior to receiving a purchase order are the sole responsibility of the supplier.

The role of the Purchasing Department at CVCC is assists the end-user in soliciting competition and assure that all state and college policies are followed when making purchases.

The purchasing authority of CVCC is governed by the following:


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