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Introducing: CVCCOneCard!

CVCC OneCard and link to BamnkMobile site
CVCC partners with BankMobile®, a financial services company, to bring you a powerful benefit: CVCCOneCard.

All registered curriculum students (excluding Challenger High School and CCP students) receive a CVCC ID card, just like the one pictured above.

This new card will serve as your:
  • Official CVCC Student ID card
  • CVCC library card
CVCC has contracted with BankMobile® to make financial aid disbursements and other types of payments to students. Students will be asked to activate their ID card through a BankMobile® website and select one of the following disbursement options. All three options are free to the student:
  • Have your financial aid disbursement or student refund directly deposited to any existing U.S. bank account
  • Have your financial aid disbursement or student refund directly deposited to an FDIC-insured checking account through BankMobile®


  • Have a paper check mailed to you (This method will be slower than either of the two electronic options above.)

We will want you to activate your card through BankMobile® even if you do not expect to receive a disbursement or refund from CVCC. 

Students may choose to use this card as a debit MasterCard by opening an FDIC-insured checking account through BankMobile®. This is completely optional. There is no charge to open the account. As with any checking account, certain fees may apply for certain types of account activity.

Have questions about the CVCCOneCard?  Click here for our FAQ's.

View our institution's contract with BankMobile, a division of Customer Bank.

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