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College Transfer Options

Transfer Options

  • Associate in Arts (AA) or Associates in Science (AS) Degree
    • Successful completion of a "transfer" degree will allow you to transfer, upon acceptance, as a junior with 64 semester hours, to any of the 16 UNC campuses or 23 private schools.
    • The Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) contains all the details.
    • CVCC offers both the AA and AS degrees and 17 " pre-major agreements" for those confident of their career goals.
  • Associates in Fine Arts Degree
    • Also allows you to transfer 64 hours; however, you may need to complete additional" core" or general education classes at your transfer school.
    • CVCC offers the Pre Music AFA
  • General Education Core
    • All schools have a"core" or general education requirement that all students must complete.
    • CVCC's Core consists of 44 semester hours in English, humanities, social science, math, and science.
    • Successful completion of CVCC's 44 hour core will meet core, general education requirements at all 16 UNC schools and the 18 private schools.
  • General College Transfer Courses
    • Our "college transfer" courses can usually be transferred to any college anywhere.
    • The CAA contains a list of the General College Transfer Courses that will transfer to the UNC system and participating private schools.
    • Most 4 year schools in NC can provide you with a list of community college courses that they will accept.
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