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College Transfer

Happy CVCC studentsCOMING SOON:  Members of the NC university system AND the community colleges have worked together to design new college transfer Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree pathways.  Details coming soon!

CVCC is a great place to start a four-year degree!

Students may select either the Associate in Arts or the Associate in Science degree as their program of study. It is a wise idea to speak with an admissions representative at the transfer college/university or check the university's Transfer Student webpage for appropriate guidance.

It costs a lot less. For what one class can cost at a university, you can get an entire semester's worth of credits at CVCC.

  1. You will not be sacrificing quality. CVCC is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) to award diplomas and associate degrees.
  2. You usually receive more individual attention in your freshman and sophomore years at CVCC. Typically, CVCC class have 30 or fewer students versus the possible 100-300 freshman-level classes at large universities.  Your classes will be taught by faculty, not graduate assistants.
  3. Our emphasis is on you, the student. CVCC exists for only one purpose: teaching. 
  4. Transferability. Institutions that are part of the University of North Carolina system and many private NC colleges will accept CVCC associate degrees granted in 1999 or later as comparable to the freshman and sophomore years. This agreement (Comprehensive Articulation Agreement) means students are able to transfer to these schools with enough credit hours to be classified as juniors.
  5. Our CVCC graduates report they were well prepared for studies at 4 year schools. They had the preparation and self-confidence to do their best.
  6. You don't have to leave home to attend CVCC. Many recent high school graduates don't feel comfortable living away from home. Older students may find it difficult--or impossible--to leave "home."
  7. You'll be surprised how many friends--old and new!--you'll find at CVCC.


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