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Career Technical Education Pathway Programs of Study

Revised 3.6.2015

Effective 2013 fall semester, a student may concurrently enroll in two Career Technical Education programs of study provided the exception has been approved by the college's Chief Academic Officer or his/her designee. 

»Advertising & Graphic Design--Certificate (C30100P)

»Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology--Certificate (C35100P) | Diploma (D35100P)

»Automotive Systems Technology--Certificate (C60160P) | Diploma (D60160P)

»Computer-Integrated Machining--Certificate (C50110P) | Diploma (D50210P)

»Cosmetology--Diploma (D55140P)

»Criminal Justice Technology—Latent Evidence Crime Scene--Certificate (C5518AP)

»Criminal Justice Technology—Law Enforcement--Certificate (C55180P)

»Electrical System Technology--Certificate (C35130P1) | Certificate (C35130P2)

»Fire Protection Management--Certificate (C55240P)

»Health Care Management Technology Receptionist--Certificate (C25200P)

»Health Information Technology--Certificate (C45360P)

»Horticulture Technology--Certificate (C15240P1) | Certificate (C15240P2) | Certificate (C15240P3)

»Infant/Toddler Care--Certificate (C55290P)

»Information Systems Security--Networking Cert. (C25270P1) | Operating Sys. Cert. (25270P3) |
Wireless Certificate (C25270P4)

»Mechatronics Engineering Technology--Certificate (C40350P)

»Networking Technology--Cisco Certificate (C25340P1) | Operating Sys. Cert. (25340P4)

»Office Administration--Certificate (C25370P) | Diploma (D25370P)

»Photographic Technology--Certificate (C30280P) | Certificate (C30280P2) | Certificate (C30280P3)

»Welding Technology--Certificate (C50420P) | Diploma (D50420P)

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