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Club Procedures

Clubs need to contact the Business Office to set up a Club Account.

Procedures to Establish a Club Account with the Business Office and how to request funds from your account.

  1. Follow directions on CVCC website for the establishment of club.
  2. Once a club is established, the Advisor and an Officer must come by the Business Office to request a budget code. A unique budget code will be given to the club and this code will be used for depositing and disbursement of funds.
  3. In order to spend these funds, clubs must complete a requisition(see example below). The requisition will include the vendor information, budget code and what the club is purchasing. It must also have two signatures. These must be a club officer and advisor or advisor and a responsible party the club has designated with the authority to sign requisitions. The Advisor of the club should be able to assist with obtaining a requisition from the J:Drive or the CVCC Intranet page under Business Office forms and filing out the requisitions forms. This procedure is the same procedure used by the college. Clubs are subject to the same purchasing guidelines set forth by Purchasing and Contract.
  4. If you are placing an order with a vendor, please submit the requisition to the Business Office at least two weeks before you need merchandise, food or service. You must make sure the vendor will accept a Purchase Order before submitting the requisition. The Business Office will issue a Purchase Order to the vendor. The Advisor will receive a pink and blue copy of the Purchase Order. Once merchandise, food or service is received, the pink copy must be signed, dated and returned to the Business Office.
  5. If you are requesting a check, follow the same procedures as stated in number 3 above. Please write on the requisition you are requesting a check. Please attach sufficient backup information showing the total amount requested. Clubs are responsible for turning in all receipts and returning any extra monies not used.
  6. If you need a school vehicle for club related travel, you need to contact Penny Gantt in Maintenance at (828) 327-7000, ext. 4236. Only CVCC employees are allowed to drive the vehicles. She will instruct you on procedures for reserving a vehicle and the paperwork required. If no CVCC vehicles are available, submit a CVCC requisition at least one week in advance for a rental vehicle. Please specify if a 7 passenger or 15 passenger van is needed. Please list date and time you need to pick up the vehicle and time of the return along with destination of travel. A hold harmless form is required for club students and travel authorizations for advisors/instructors. The Business Office will make arrangements with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and will send a confirmation number to the club advisor.