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March 2015 Featured Veteran of the Month: Mark Allen Sexton

Mark Sexton, March 2015 Veteran of the MonthOur first featured Veteran of the Month starting for March, is Mark Allen Sexton, CVCC Veteran's Club President. Mark Sexton is a native of Claremont, North Carolina and has been attending CVCC so that he can pursue a bachelor's degree in social work. Sexton proudly served his country in the North Carolina Army National Guard as a 63 Bravo Light-wheeled mechanic for six years. He believes that not only is it important to help our veterans but also our children as well. Sexton stated that "I believe that if we start with the children, we can help them build a confidence in them so they can reach goals in their lives." One issue that he has seen is that although there are services and benefits available to veterans, some do not have the ability to access them. One of his goals is to provide easier access to resources and services that our veterans need. Sexton has always had an aspiration for helping people and has brought this passion to our campus as the president of the Veteran's Club. We thank him for his service to our country and to our veterans here on campus.