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CVCC Student Resource Guide 2013/2014

(Former CVCC Student Handbook)

We welcome you into the community of learning here at Catawba Valley Community College! CVCC is an innovative, comprehensive community college that fosters an environment focused on academic excellence, globalization and diversity, economic and workforce development and student and community engagement to empower individuals and enrich the community through premier educational programs and services centered on teaching and learning.

» Notice of Non-discrimination

College policies and procedures are applicable to all students enrolled at CVCC, whether part time, full time, auditing or special credit. These policies and procedures are outlined on our web sites at CVCC Policies and CVCC Procedures. Please contact Student Services if you have questions about college policies or procedures. Information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. CVCC is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.

As a member institution of the North Carolina Community College system, Catawba Valley Community College recognizes students' rights as established within state and federal statutes. The College also recognizes various student rights and responsibilities as defined and established within CVCC Policies. It is important that all students read and become familiar with CVCC Policies and this Student Resource Guide in order to understand student rights and responsibilities.

These same Student Rights and Responsibilities are contained within relevant sections of the College Catalog.

CVCC is designated as a public place and therefore, you may be photographed at sporting events, student government events, classrooms, labs, campus buildings, public places or other campus related activities on any of the sites associated with CVCC. Your likeness may appear in any CVCC communication.

It is the responsibility of each student enrolled in one or more classes to understand the contents of this Student Resource Guide. A printed copy of the Student Resource Guide is available upon request in Student Services.



» Academic Integrity

» Advanced Placement Test (PDF)- Page 27 of the General Catalog, Section E

» Attendance Policy

» Auditing Courses

» Children on Campus

» CLEP Testing

» Credit from other Institutions

» Disability Policies

» Disability Information

» Email Communications

» Free Speech, Public Assembly, & Distribution

» Grading System

» Grade and Grade Changes Policy- Student grievance form is available in the office of the Executive office of Student Services.

» Student Due Process Policy

» Honors and High Honors (graduation)

» Honors and High Honors (fall and spring semester)

» International Students

» Placement Testing Policy

» Placement Testing Information

» Plagiarism and Cheating

» Right to Privacy and Information (FERPA)

» Satisfactory Academic Process

» Solicitation

» Student Records Transcripts

» Visitors on Campus

» Withdrawal from Classes


» Conduct Expectations


» Campus Safety and Security

» Crime Alerts

» Campus Crime Statistics Report

» Emergency Messaging Service

» Annual Security Report

» Safety Tips

» Sexual Assault

» Sexual Harassment

» Weapons on Campus


» Advising Center

» Disability Policies

» Disability Information

» Learning Assistance Center (LAC) and Writing Center

» Library

» Peer Mentoring


» Athletics

» Multipurpose Complex

» Campus Clubs and Organizations

» Career Services

» Computer Usage and Labs

» Alcoholic Beverages

» Illegal Drugs/Controlled Substances

» Tobacco Products

» Email Account

» Inclement Weather

» Lost and Found - The College Switchboard, located on the first floor of the Student Services Bldg., serves as the central location for items that have been found on campus. It is a good idea to mark your name on all items you bring to campus.

» Multicultural Affairs Office

» Residency Issues

» Student Government Association

» Parking

» Tobacco Free Campus -Failure to comply with this policy will result in disciplinary action in accordance with the “Student Code of Conduct” policy and for faculty and staff, the “Policies and Procedures Manual.”

» In State Tuition

» Tuition Fee Policy

» Tuition Payment/Refund Policies

» Tuition Payment/Refund Business Office Information

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