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Tutor Training Opportunities

The Learning Assistance Center Peer Tutoring Program offers tutor training to all tutors.  Tutors have the opportunity to become a Level I and Level II tutor.  Every perspective tutor must attend a two-hour tutor orientation workshop before he/she can begin tutoring.

To become a Level I tutor, a tutor must complete six hours of face-to-face tutor training and four additional hours ( Internet training, DVD, etc.) of tutor training for a total of ten hours. Tutors must also complete 25 hours of supervised tutoring. The Level I topics listed below are discussed during Tutor Orientation.

  1. Definition of tutoring and tutor responsibilities - 30 minutes
  2. Do's and Don'ts of Tutoring - 15 minutes
  3. Techniques for successfully beginning and ending a tutor session - 15 minutes

    Other Level I topics that are offered as a workshop and/or internet training are as follows:
  4. Learning Styles
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Study Skills 
  7. Critical Thinking Skills
  8. Preparing For and Taking Tests
  9. Strategies for Improving Concentration and Memory

Level I tutors are CRLA certified
To become a Level II tutor, a tutor must complete four hours of face-to-face training and six additional hours of training which may be face-to-face, internet training (see below), DVDs, etc.  A tutor must also complete 25 additional hours of supervised tutoring.  The Level II topics are listed below.

  1. Probing Questions
  2. Brain Dominance
  3. Cultural Diversity
  4. Changing Your Study Behavior
  5. Helping Students Manage Their Time
  6. Tutoring in Specific Subject Areas
  7. Understanding How the Brain Naturally Learns
Level II tutors are CRLA certified.

Below are links to PowerPoint training sessions.  Each training session is followed by a questionnaire and/or additional handouts.  The tutor will view the PowerPoint training session and then print off the accompanying questionnaire and/or handouts.  After answering the questionnaire and/or handouts, the tutor will turn in the completed work to Cindy Ly, Tutor Coordinator in the LAC.


Level I Tutor Training Opportunities:

» View PowerPoint about "Learning Styles" (PDF)
» Print-off Questionnaire for "Learning Styles" (PDF) 
» Print-off Learning Styles Inventory Quiz (PDF)

» View PowerPoint about "Communication Skills" (PDF)
» Print-off Questionnaire for "Communication Skills" (PDF)"

» View PowerPoint about "Study Skills" (PDF)
» Print-off Questionnaire for "Study Skills" (PDF)
» Handout: "Ten Bad Listening Habits" (PDF)
» Handout: "Money" (PDF)
» Handout: "Money" Questions (PDF)

» View PowerPoint about "Critical Thinking Skills"  (PDF)
» Print-off Questionnaire for "Critical Thinking Skills  (PDF)

» View PowerPoint about "Preparing for & Taking Tests  (PDF)
» Print-off Questionnaire for "Preparing for & Taking Tests"  (PDF)

» View PowerPoint about "Strategies for Improving Concentration
and Memory"  (PDF)
» Print-off Questionnaire for "Strategies for Improving
Concentration and Memory"  (PDF)


Level II Tutor Training Opportunities:

» View PowerPoint about "Probing Questions"  (PDF)
» Print-off Questionnaire for "Probing Questions"  (PDF)

» View PowerPoint about "Brain Dominance"  (PDF)
» Print-off Questionnaire for "Brain Dominance" (PDF)

» View PowerPoint about "Cultural Diversity" (PDF)
» Print-off Questionnaire for "Cultural Diversity" (PDF)

» View PowerPoint about "Changing Your Study Behavior" (PDF)
» Print-off Questionnaire for "Changing Your Study Behavior" (PDF)

» View PowerPoint about "Helping Students Manage Their Time" (PDF)
» Print-off Questionnaire for "Helping Students Manage Their
Time" (PDF)

» Print-off Time Management Inventory Handout (PDF)
» Print-off Term Calendar Handout (PDF)
» Print-off Weekly Planner Handout (PDF)
» Print-off Daily Planner Handout (PDF)
» Print-off Checking My Study Habits Handout (PDF)
» Print-off Checking My Study Place Handout (PDF)

» View PowerPoint about "Tutoring in Specific Subject Areas" (PDF)
» Print-off Questionnaire for "Tutoring in Specific Subject Areas" (PDF)

» View PowerPoint about "How the Brain Naturally Learns" (PDF)
» Print-off Questionnaire for "How the Brain Naturally Learns" (PDF)


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