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Students with Disabilities

A program of services is provided for students with disabilities. Individuals with disabilities (as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) wishing to make a request for reasonable accommodation or wishing to file a complaint of alleged discrimination on the basis of disability should contact:

Wanda Horvath
Counselor/Students with Disabilities Program
and Special Programs
Phone: 828.327.7000, Ext. 4222
Office:  CAD 157

It is the student's responsibility to request these services. Current documentation of the disability by an appropriate professional will be required. All information is kept confidential. Students will be required to sign a release of information form before any special contact is made to arrange accommodations. Requests for reasonable accommodation should be made several weeks in advance to allow sufficient time for accommodations to be arranged.

Assistive Technology
CVCC is committed to facilitating students with disabilities as a part of its commitment to provide equal opportunities in higher education.

David Propst provides assistive technology and training on assistive equipment and software for students who have been approved by Wanda Horvath. David provides training in the use of a range of software, e.g. screen enlarger and voice recognition, as required. He also provides support to students with disabilities in the provision of teaching materials and information in accessible formats.

Students should first meet with Wanda Horvath for accommodations before talking with David about assistive technology options. Approved students are asked to make an appointment with David when picking up their equipment and/or receiving training.

David Propst
Assistive Technology Coordinator
Phone: 828.327.7000, Ext. 4384
Office: CAD 160

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