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Cru.@CVCC is the campus ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. Our purpose is for each student at CVCC to experience and express Jesus Christ!



Cru is about two things: Jesus and Community. We think Jesus Christ is the most amazing person anyone can ever know and experience.  Knowing and enjoying Jesus is the most satisfying thing on earth.  Jesus is the reason we meet.  We seek to experience Him and His presence, and draw closer to Him.  We were created to know God.  Cru.@CVCC is about helping people at CVCC to feel Jesus in community, as well as to express him to others on campus.  We want to show what Jesus is like to others on campus, and help them enter into the pleasure of knowing Christ!



2550 US HIGHWAY 70 SE • HICKORY, NC • 28602-8302 • 828.327.7000
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