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Big Decision

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Thinking about college?

A few things you should think about before you take "the plunge:" 

• Emotional Readiness – Coming to college is a big step.  What do you want to study, and what are the job opportunities in that field?  Consider taking a Career Interest Inventory if you are not sure “what you want to be when you grow up.”

• Impact on Your Family – Successful students need support from their families and friends. How will enrolling in college impact your loved ones? Will you need childcare? What household duties will your spouse or children need to take on now that you’re in class or studying?

• Money – Tuition is just one of many costs of going to college. Books can cost several hundred dollars each semester. What kind of money will you need for books and incidentals until financial aid can be processed and awarded? 

• Transportation – Do you have reliable transportation to and from school? Depending on a friend or someone else may leave you stranded, which means you might miss class! Have you checked out public transportation?

• Preparing the Paperwork – Coming to college is full of paperwork, including the college and financial aid application. Are you willing to complete these documents accurately and on time?

• Time Management Issues – When will you plan to study?  When will you visit the Learning Assistance Center should you need tutoring?

• Placement Testing – Are you ready for college-level work, or do you need some preparation time? Some students may need to take as many as three semesters of developmental (non college credit) classes before they can start their college career.

• Part Time Employment – Many students start college when they are unemployed only to find that they need a part time job for gas money or food. How will you make time for part-time work, class and homework?

• Thinking Long Term – It may take you two or three years to complete your college education; think about your schooling in a bigger context than just “semester to semester.” Are you ready for a long-term commitment?

• Let “The System” Work For You – CVCC does a lot of work behind the scenes to get ready to serve you. Your free time is precious, and even more so when you’re in college and stretched a hundred ways. Submitting your financial aid application on time, registering for class early, and paying tuition on time are things you can do to save yourself a lot of headaches…and lost time standing in lines!

• Time for Research – Are you thinking of transferring your CVCC credits to a four-year school?  It’s a good idea to contact your “next step” school to make sure you are taking the appropriate steps for transfer.

• Documented Learning Disabilities – CVCC is proud to offer services for students with disabilities.  Your disability must be documented with our Director of Disability Services before you start classes.

• Campus Tours – If you’re unfamiliar with the campus layout or it’s been a while since you’ve been in a classroom, taking a campus tour will help you find your way around and get comfortable with your new surroundings. Schedule a campus tour with the Student Services office before your classes start!

CVCC is here to help!