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Messaging Sign Up

Sign up for automatic messaging for inclement weather and campus emergency alerts.

CVCC Messaging Service

The CVCC Messaging Service is a convenient new way for you to voluntarily receive text, voicemail or email messages about Inclement Weather Closing Announcements and Certain Campus Emergencies. There is no charge from CVCC for this service. However, if you elect to receive messaging from CVCC, you agree to any charges incurred from your cell phone carrier. No advertising is sent through the CVCC Messaging Service.

To receive these messaging services from CVCC, you must elect the service by providing the information in the sign-up section below.

NOTE: Providing any information here does not update your information in Student Records. 

When entering your phone number in the sign up section, do not use any dashes, spaces or punctuation, i.e., 8283277000.

Please read Messaging Service Tutorial before you begin.




If you sign up for messaging service and your email address or cell phone number changes, or if you no longer wish to receive messages, you must update the messaging preferences in your messaging services account.

Sign-up for messaging is voluntary. Students, faculty, staff,and others are not automatically signed up to receive Inclement Weather Closing Announcements and Certain Campus Emergency notifications from CVCC through the Messaging Service.

Parents/family: You may also sign up to receive notifications.

If you have questions about this service or if you have problems signing up, please call the CVCC ID Card Office at (828) 327-7000, ext. 4704 or contact by email at

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