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CVCC Alumnus Cassaundra Heffner

CVCC Alumnus Cassaundra Heffner

Cassaundra Heffner -- Nursing, '98

Cassaundra Heffner, Nursing, '98Cassaundra Hefner came from humble beginnings as one of seven children. Most of her siblings dropped out of high school and went to work by age 15 or 16, married by 18 and had a child by 19.

Married, separated and already a single parent at age 19, she enrolled in CVCC’s high school equivalency diploma at CVCC while pregnant.

Refusing to believe those who told her, "No, you can't do it." Or, "That can't be done," she entered CVCC’s nursing program in 1996.

Her first year of nursing school, an instructor saw something in her she didn’t see. She was encouraged to run for president of the NC Association of Nursing Students and won.

“Had I not attended community college, no one would have discovered that part of me that wanted to lead.”

She earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from UNC Greensboro.

She attended a master’s in nursing program at UNC Greensboro for one year before switching tracks and earned a Family Nurse Practitioner degree at Winston Salem State University and is board certified with the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

She earned a Doctor of Nursing Practice at Gardner-Webb University and is enjoying career success beyond her wildest dreams.


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