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As of January 1st CVCC no longer does business through the old email. Please check your new Microsoft Office 365 ( email for important CVCC information. 

As of January 1st your student login information has changed. Check your old email for notices/instructions emailed to you in December.

Student Help Desk

The student Help Desk is located on the 2nd floor of the Cuyler Dunbar Building in the Library (CAD*236).  The helpdesk can provide assistance with the following:

The Help Desk does not provide technical support for personal computer problems.

Student Email, MyServices (WebAdvisor), & Blackboard Login Credentials
Student Email, MyServices and Blackboard login credentials are now the same.  Students should use the same username and password for all three systems.

  • Username = first initial, last name, last 3 digits of CVCC Student ID#
  • Password = cvcc-,last 4 digits of social security number (be sure to include the dash)
  • Example:  Jane Doe, CVCC Student ID# 0012345 and social security # of 123-45-6789
  • Username: jdoe345
  • Password: cvcc-6789
  • Email Address:

If these credentials do not work, try resetting your password at

  Using this link will change your password for Student Email and MyServices at the same time.  You will need to manually change your Blackboard password if you want it to match your Student Email and MyServices password.  Later in 2016, you will receive notification that Blackboard login credentials have been “synced” with Student Email and MyServices.

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 7:30am until 4:30pm

Contact the Help Desk
828-327-7000 ext 4444
*Please include your full name (spelling first and last name), 7 digit CVCC Student ID# and the last 4 digits of your social security number.

For Blackboard login assistance after hours, contact 866-832-9253.  



Frequently Asked Questions:

What is my CVCC ID number?

Login to My Services. 

From the Student Menu, in the lower right-hand corner in the "Academic Profile" section, click on "My Profile."  Your CVCC student ID number is seven digit number that will begin with at least one leading zero and is displayed right before your full name. 

Example of the MyServices listing of pages with My Profile link circled. 

What is my user id for logging into MyServices?

From the MyServices main screen, click on "Student"

MyServices menu


Click on "What is my User ID?" link on the left bottom side of the web page

What is my User ID?


Enter your Last Name and either your SSN (no hyphens required) OR your Colleague ID#

Example of form with required search information to obtain User ID for MyServices.


Click Submit

Example output of User ID search form in MyServices.


I can’t log in to Student Email.
Can you log in to MyServices?  These systems use the same username and password.  If you can log in to one system, you should be able to log in to the other system.  If you try that and it doesn’t work, try a password reset by going to  If you still cannot log in, call or email or 828-327-7000 ext 4444.

It’s the first day of classes and my courses are not available in Blackboard.
Call the Help Desk at 828-327-7000 ext 4444.

My courses were showing up in Blackboard earlier but are no longer there.
Contact your instructor to see if you have been dropped from the course(s).

I was taking a test in Blackboard and lost my internet connection.
You will need to contact the instructor for course specific questions.

My course in Blackboard is asking for an Access Code or School Code.
Contact your instructor for course specific questions.

How do I reset my password for Student Email?
Go to and select “Change Password”.  Be aware that this will also change your password for MyServices.

How do I reset my password for MyServices?
Click on the “Reset My Password” link in MyServices or go to and select “Change Password”. Be aware that this will also change your password for Student Email.

How do I reset my password for Blackboard?
Go to the dropdown arrow next to your name in the upper right-hand corner of the Blackboard homepage. Click Settings/Personal Information/Change Password.

2550 US HIGHWAY 70 SE • HICKORY, NC • 28602-8302 • 828.327.7000
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