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SURGIcal Technology
PSB Exams

The PSB (Psychological Services Bureau) Exam is specifically designed for those students entering education programs for health professions. The PSB Exam is comprised of a series of tests that measure abilities, knowledge, and aptitudes considered important for successful performance of students in a health program.

Surgical Technology applicants will take the PSB Exam for Health Occupations. The PSB is a timed test, which carries a non-refundable fee. Applicants must achieve a minimum 40th percentile score in the following series of tests on the PSB Exam:

PSB Exams

Academic Aptitude – Verbal, Arithmetic, Non-Verbal 

Reading Comprehension

Information in the Natural Sciences  


Vocational Adjustment Index (scores in this area are not used in the competitive admissions process)

Percentile scores achieved in the areas listed above, with the exception of the Vocational Adjustment Index, will be used in the competitive selection for the Surgical Technology program.  PSB results are just one of the criteria used for admission into the program.  (Results are not pass/fail.)

  • Students testing at CVCC must take the PSB Exam by the program deadline (listed in the Admissions Packet).

  • Students testing at other schools are responsible for making sure the official PSB score report is received by CVCC no later than the program deadline. Those students should schedule their tests early enough to allow for 2-4 weeks processing time by PSB.

  • Scores older than 3 years will not be considered. To take the PSB Exam: The PSB test is given by appointment only through the CVCC Testing Center.
    • Pay the fee in the CVCC Business Office.  (The Business Office will provide a receipt of payment.)
    • Take the receipt of payment with you to the CVCC Testing Center when you go to take the test. (You will not be allowed to test without the receipt of payment.)

  • If you have taken the PSB for Health Occupations, for a different medical program, please refer to the CVCC Testing Center for instructions regarding renorming scores.

  • Want more information on the PSB?
    For additional information and sample questions go to:  


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