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SURGIcal Technology
Application Acceptance

All minimum requirements must be in the CVCC Student Records Department by the March 31st deadline in order to be eligible for Fall admission.

The following are minimum requirements:

  1. CVCC application completed and processed by seeing a counselor in Student Services by March 31st. Note: On-line applications will NOT be processed until applicant comes in and meets with a Student Services Counselor.
  2. Applicants must be a high school graduate or have received a GED. Official Transcript or Official copy of GED must be on file at CVCC.
  3. Official transcripts from previously attended colleges must be on file at CVCC. Only "C" or better grades will transfer as official grades.
  4. Applicants must place out of:
    1. RED 070, 080, & 090
    2. ENG 070, 080, & 090
    3. DMA 010, DMA 020, DMA 030, & DMA 040
    4. CTS 080
  5. Applicants must complete or Advance Place through testing, CTS 080 (Computing Fundamentals)
  6. Applicants must complete or have completed one year of biology in high school, at CVCC, or another college with a grade of "C" or better. This is verified by an official transcript.
  7. Students who have taken coursework at CVCC must have a minimum cumulative (overall) GPA of 2.50 on all coursework.
  8. Applicants will need to complete the PSB exam by March 30th in order to have results on file in Student Services by March 31st. This exam requires a nonrefundable payment of $30.00 in the CVCC Business Office prior to examination. The applicant will need to take receipt of payment and picture ID to Testing Center to be eligible for testing.



Qualified applicants will be selected for admission by the following competitive criteria.

  1. Past Academic Performance
    1. Assignment of points for general education courses out of the curriculum.
    2. The applicant's unweighted cumulative high school GPA. This must have been in the last 3 years.
  2. PSB Examination
    1. Applicants are awarded points according to their performance on the exam.
    2. Applicants may take the PSB once per academic year.
    3. Applicants must take the PSB Examination for Health Occupations and score in the 40th %ile in Academic Aptitude, Reading Comprehension, and Information in the Natural Sciences.
    4. Information on PSB?
  3. Bonus Points
    1. BS, MS, MA Degrees will be rewarded 11 points towards their competitive process.
    2. Applicants accepted into the program will be required to:

      1. Attend an orientation session with the ST. Director.
      2. Provide proof of current Healthcare Provider CPR - Due no later than 1st day of fall session.
      3. Complete a CVCC Health examination form certifying that he/she appears to be able to participate in activities of health profession in a clinical setting - Due no later than 1st day of fall session.
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