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Distance Education

Distance education offers a variety of classes in web-based, NCIH, cablecast, telecourse, and Internet formats.


The mission of distance learning is to enable students with demanding work hours, hectic schedules, or child care difficulties the freedom and flexibility to obtain an education or courses at their convenience. Catawba Valley Community College's Distance Learning Program consists of telecourses, cablecasts, Internet classes and North Carolina Information Highway (NCIH) classes. The same quality outcomes are maintained for distance learning classes as for all CVCC course offerings.



Cablecasts are available through an arrangement with the local cable provider. Students registering for cablecasts can view the class in the comfort of their homes or tape the broadcast for later viewing. This course is managed similarly to telecourses. Students report to the campus for tests as deemed necessary by the instructor.



Web-based classes are available in a variety of disciplines. Students taking courses over the Internet work independently, study at their own convenient time and place, and complete and submit assignments electronically.

For a listing of all telecourses, cablecasts, Internet classes, and NCIH classes, consult the newspaper class schedule on the "Distance Education Classes" page or view the class schedule page.

Internet classes, like telecourses, limit the number of visits to the college campus. Students enrolling in distance education courses pay regular tuition and fees, have access of all student services, study under the college's rules and regulations, and receive academic credit.


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