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Horticulture Technology will prepare you for a career working with plants. This program teaches you greenhouse management, landscape design and installation, landscape maintenance, and nursery management.

 Horticulture Technology - FRMC Cancer Resource Center LandscapingThe Horticulture Technology curriculum encompasses the study and practical application of a variety of subjects in the field of horticulture. The curriculum consists of identifying and selecting plant materials, propagating, planting, and growing plants, designing basic landscapes, and planting materials at the appropriate places and in the correct manner, properly maintaining plant materials, and managing the nursery, greenhouse, or horticulture business. You will learn to identify and select planting materials, to propagate and grow plants. Irrigation design and interiorscaping are also part of Horticulture.

In addition, skills are developed in designing and building planters, walks, patios, fences, decks and other landscape features. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are necessary for independent, creative thinking essential to success in this field.

Some graduates decide to start their own business upon graduation, while others work for businesses in the horticulture industry. A few students further their education by attending a four-year institution to receive their BS Degree or higher in horticulture.

Horticulture Technology Program Articulation Agreement with NC State University and NC Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, NC.

Catawba Valley Community College and 18 other community colleges have developed an articulation agreement with NC State and other university's Horticulture Program. Contact us for more details.

Also NC A&T State University has a 2 + 2 Agreement with us so you can get you BS Degree in two more years online. Ask us for more details.

NC A&T State University High Research Activity

» New 2+2 agreement with NC A&T State University.




Please see the catalog for more information about the degree, diploma, and certificate options for this curriculum.

For more information about the Horticulture Technology Program contact:

Steve Peeler, Program Director
(828) 327-7000, ext. 4755

David Clanton
(828) 327-7000, ext. 4670

Jimmy Abernathy
(828) 327-7000, ext 4250

Mollie Townsend
(828) 327-7000, ext. 4756