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Early Grad

Early high school graduates are welcome to attend CVCC the following spring semester, but special planning will be needed.

Graduating Early from High School & Summer School Enrollment at CVCC

Early High School

The North Carolina Community College system admits students who are either high school graduates (as documented by an official HS transcript or equivalency) showing end-of-term graduation date or who are at least 18 years of age.

CVCC considers the published date of the school system’s end-of-fall or end-of-spring term as a student’s graduation date. There is no need for a student to request an earlier graduation date for the final HS transcript.

Some students complete high school graduation requirements at the end of the senior year Fall term and desire to enroll at CVCC for Spring. Public high schools & CVCC do not operate on the same calendar:  CVCC’s Spring term begins early January, while the high school Fall term continues through mid-January.  CVCC’s summer term begins late-May while the HS spring term concludes in early-June.

Seniors taking college courses through Career and College Promise (CCP) may want to consider not graduating at the end of the fall term despite eligibility to do so. These seniors are eligible to continue enrollment in CCP courses (either online or at the CVCC campus) TUITION FREE – a tuition savings of at least $1,200 for 15 credit hours.

However, students who decide to graduate at the end-of-fall term should be prepared to bear all expenses for tuition, fees, books and supplies “out of pocket.” Federal/state financial aid is not an option for spring entry unless the spring registration occurred after an official high school transcript with graduation date has been received by the College and all financial aid documentation has been completed and processed.

A student may register for Spring/Summer classes AFTER an official HS transcript showing an end-of-term graduation date has been received by the College OR the student is at least 18 years of age at the time of registration. Students 18 years of age who register for classes prior to high school graduation are considered “Special Credit” students and do not qualify for financial Aid.

Each semester, CVCC offers Flex Start classes which have various start dates throughout the term. These classes are specifically designed to provide early grads time to complete the HS term, clarify NC residency, submit the CFNC Application for Admission and finally, request an official HS transcript showing the end-of-term graduation date.

Published End-of-Spring 2018 Term: June 8, 2018 for Alexander County Public Schools, Catawba County Public Schools, Hickory City Schools & Newton Conover Public Schools.