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Humanities Department

Humanities courses offer credit hours that may be applied to degree programs at CVCC and/or transferred to a four-year university.

CVCC students studying

"We Examine the Human Experience"

The Humanities Department of Catawba Valley Community College offers a number of courses to prepare the student for entrance into a four-year college or university. As part of the College Transfer Program, courses within the Humanities Department parallel the freshman and sophomore years of study at a four-year institution. In the first two years of college, students pursue a program of general education. The department offers courses in the areas of communication, English, foreign language, and religion to fulfill required humanities hours. Connect with each department to see which courses are currently offered.

“If you consider what are called the virtues in mankind, you will find their growth is assisted by education and cultivation.”  -Xenophon

For more information about the Humanities contact:

Departmental Administrative Assistant
(828) 327-7000, ext. 4861

Full-time Faculty:

Dr. Donna Ross
Department Head, Spanish
West Wing (WW) 114-F
(828) 327-7000, ext. 4111

Teresa Sumner;
WW 111-C

Tim Lee
WW 114-E
(828) 327-7000, ext. 4482

Joann Buehler
WW 114-G
(828) 327-7000, ext. 4079

Jason Earnhardt
WW 114-H
(828) 327-7000, ext. 4078

Jeff Kautz
Religion, Ethics and Philosophy
WW 126-B
(828) 327-7000, ext. 4832

Kim Ray
WW 126-C
(828) 327-7000, ext. 4810

Ariel Hamilton
WW 126-C
(828) 327-7000, ext. 4677

Adjunct Faculty:

Dr. Edger Foster; Religion

Dr. Chuck Dickson; Religion

Marie Parkhurst; Religion

Cliff Moone; Religion

Keely Deboever; Religion

Chris Parker; Religion

Rana Domant; French

Prudence Brooks; Chinese