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Ideas Under Review

58. Invest in a Degree Audit Software product for use by the student (online registration) and/or Advisor

57. Include Adjunct’s in Monthly Recognition of Faculty/Support Staff

56. Replace the Galley with Fast Food Restaurant With More Selection/Better Prices

55. Allow faculty to teach at minimum two (2) extra courses each semester if enrollment need supports it

54. Assess Overall Student Learning Throughout Degree Earning Process: Use English 111 to declare a research thesis of their personal or vocational interest, assess over 2 years.

53. Add Traffic Light, Main Campus Startown Rd. Exit To Align With a Traffic Signal

52. Assign direct accountability for each page on the CVCC website to ensure the site is updated timely and consistently

51.Thorough audit of "technology needs" in the classroom & Consolidate Audio/Visual/IT Under Same Department Manager

50. Purchase a Golfcart (used) to transport students from Main to East campus

49. Develop Process to Only Email Perks and Incentives To Eligible Employees

48. Develop Process to Flag Students Committing Acts of Academic Dishonesty

47. Include Student Photo On Rosters To Put A “Face With A Name”

46.Transisition to a Online Only CVCC Catalog In Lieu of Print Copy

45. Potluck For PD Days, Each Department Bringing A Certain Type of Food

44. Develop Strategic Plan To Market, Fund, and Increase Skills USA Participation Internally/Community Idea

43. Create Quarterly Innovation Sessions To Brainstorm & Formulate Ideas

42. Create Monthly “What Works” Sessions For Cross-Department Best Practice Sharing

41. Publish Enrollment/Utilization Report By Department/Program Each Semester

40. Automate Process To Obtain NC Live Password

39. Create Student Ambassador Led On-Demand CVCC Tours for prospective students/families

38. Create a simple document that outlines/explains the salary hierarchies

37. Develop Purchasing Process To Assess/Provide For Needs of Students With Disabilities Additional


35. Create Open Forum for Faculty/Staff Opinions, Discontinue Using CVCC-ALL

34. All Employees, including part time should have an annual review.

33. Create and Maintain a Mechanism to Track and Gather Data on CVCC Alumni

32. Create Annual Faculty & Staff Recognition Day

31. Create and communicate a process for video request.

30. Update R25 System to include Tarlton Complex

29. Mail dropoff & pickup locations throughout campus (by floor or building)

28. Create Creative Services Department, centralizing design, printing, branding for the college

27. Review Staffing of Marketing Team Due To Increasing Demand

25. Review Employee Salary Allocations For Equitable Distribution

24. Review Security of Paperwork Containing Personal Identifiable Information

23. Implement Automated Call Routing System

22. Increase Faculty/Staff Professionalism-Eliminate Profanity Use With/In Front of Students

21. Synchronize Clocks Across Campus To Prevent Faculty/Student Tardiness

20. Create and Enforce Professional Dress Code Standards For Employees

19. Required Publishing of Agendas & Meeting Minutes Within 3 Days Pre/Post Meeting

18. Place Pay Per Use Fax in Bookstore For Students

17. Create a Soccer Team, Utilize Soccer Field

16. Employee Required Computer Competency & Profiency Testing

15. Part Time Pay Administration Transition To HR from Admins

14. Enhance Job Decriptions For Specific Roles/Departments

13. Create Required Comprehensive New Hire Orientation

12. Communication Policy For Awareness of  Deceased Students

11. Implement a Safer Pedestrian Sidewalk System

10. Require Employees to Wear Name Badges/ID's.

9. Require All Instructors to Utilize Blackboard for Posting Grades

8. Create Safety & Security Standard Messaging-Develop and train on standard messaging to provide clarity on delayed starts, early closure etc. to provide clarity to employees and students.

7. Implement “Community Hour” -Set a block of time where no classes are scheduled. Time can be used for development, team buildings, and meetings.

6. Utilize MyServices to Keep Attendance Electronically-Cease printing temporary and permanent rosters; utilize technology and save cost. Partner with other colleges currently utilizing this functionality.

5. Pursue Grant Funding from BB&T’s Charitable Foundation-BB&T has given millions of dollars in grants to teach the fundamentals of capitalism.

4. Require Employee Pictures on Email-Help CVCC employees feel more connected.

3. Increase Part Time Employees Pay-Develop a formula to compensate part time employees for time spent out of class prepping, grading, developing class.

2. Electronify Class Withdrawal Process-Utilize My Services/Datatel to process changes. Save cost of labor and supplies. Partner with other community colleges executing this process as best practice.

1. Outsourcing Non-Core Related CVCC Functions-Strategically outsource or consolidate functions, goal to cut cost (personnel, labor, and equipment) by capitalizing on economies of scale.

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