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Student Services Procedures Part - 1

3.2 Admission to CVCC


CVCC follows “open door” admissions policies as established by the North Carolina Community College System as stated in 1D SBCCC 400.2 of the State Board of Community Colleges Code found at

» Admission to Colleges

The specific processes to be admitted at CVCC include

1. Attend a Starting Points Information Session to begin the enrollment process. Can’t come to campus for 33Starting Points? View Starting Points online and print the confirmation page before visiting Student Services to process your Application for Admission.

2. Determine a Program of Study. Contact Career Services for guidance.

3. Have official high school/GED transcript, plus ALL official college transcripts sent to CVCC at 2550 Highway 70 SE, NC 28602 or bring the official transcripts in sealed envelopes with you. 


4. Complete the CVCC Application for Admission or get a paper application at Starting Points.

5. Visit the Admissions Office in Student Services on the main campus to process the paper (or online) Application for Admission. Bring a photo ID (driver’s license).

Additional information can be found at:

» How to Enroll

Safety Exception:

CVCC may refuse admission to an applicant in accordance with 1D SBCCC 400.2 (e) and (f) of the State Board of Community Colleges Code found at

» Admission to Colleges

Questions about this process are to be directed to the Chief Student Services Officer.

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3.4 Admission to Curriculum Programs of Study Procedure

To fulfill the college’s general admission requirements, students who have attended foreign schools at the secondary level (high school) and/or post-secondary level (college/university) must submit transcripts according to the following two steps:

Step 1:The foreign transcript must be written in or translated into the English language. Translated transcripts must be literal (word for word) and the translator must sign the translated copy and include contact information. The name the student is currently using and the date of birth should appear on the transcript.

Step 2: If the translator in Step 1 is not a current member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) ( that also provides evaluation services, then the translated transcript must be evaluated by a member of NACES. Foreign secondary level transcripts must indicate US high school equivalency. Foreign post-secondary transcripts must indicate potential transfer credit.

Please note that the student will likely incur a fee for translation and/or evaluation services with NACES members. The amount of time it takes to translate and/or evaluate transcripts varies by NACES member.

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3.5 Re-testing Procedure

CVCC uses the NC DAP placement test battery and every student is provided the opportunity to complete placement testing as one of the requirements to be admitted to CVCC. There is no fee for this first-time placement testing. Placement test scores using NC DAP are valid for 5 years.

Generally, re-testing on NC DAP is not considered to be productive. However, re-testing may occur if one of the following conditions is met:

  1. NC DAP scores are older than 5 years and have expired. There is no fee to re-test if test scores have expired.
  2. The original test score is believed to be invalid due to illness, interruption, or other problems during test administration as determined by the Testing Center staff. Should any of these issues occur, the student must alert the Testing Center staff about the issue upon completion of the placement test and before exiting from the Testing Center. Testing Center staff will discuss the issue with the student and assist the student to schedule a re-test if appropriate. Testing Center staff will determine whether the student must pay a re-testing fee.
  3. The student completes an intervention/remediation to provide appropriate skill development for the student. The student must discuss this option with the appropriate Department Head (Mathematics or English/Developmental Studies) and re-testing will be approved by the Department Head if appropriate. The student will be charged a $10.00 fee to re-test in Mathematics and a $10.00 fee to re-test in Reading/English.
  4. The Department Head for Mathematics or English/Developmental Studies determines that the student may benefit from a re-test. The Department Head will discuss options with the student to determine the best course of action. The student will be charged a $10.00 fee to re-test in Mathematics and a $10.00 fee to re-test in Reading/English.
  5. Testing Center staff are not authorized to grant re-testing except in the case of #2 listed above.

Students who are approved to re-test will receive a form from the appropriate Department Head that indicates the specific NC DAP re-test. The student will take this form to the Business Office and pay the required fee(s). The Business Office will give the student a receipt. The student will take both the Re-test Form and the receipt to the Testing Center to schedule a re-test appointment.

» Testing Center

Requests for re-testing are directed to the Testing Center. 

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3.7 Program for Students with Disabilities

A program of services is provided for students with disabilities. It is the student's responsibility to request these services. Current documentation of the disability by an appropriate professional will be required. All information is kept confidential. Students will be required to sign a release of information form before any special contact is made to arrange accommodations. Requests for reasonable accommodation should be made several weeks in advance to allow sufficient time for accommodations to be arranged.

Individuals with disabilities (as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and the ADA Amended Act 2008) wishing to make a request for reasonable accommodation or wishing to file a complaint of alleged discrimination on the basis of disability should contact the Office for Students with Disabilities Program.

» Students with Disabilities

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3.8 Registration

Registration activities occur for each fall, spring, and summer semester. Students must have been admitted to CVCC, be enrolled in an active curriculum program of study, must have met all financial obligations to CVCC, and have no holds on their accounts to participate in registration.

Current students (those who have been enrolled in curriculum courses during the previous three semesters) will have priority registration dates and times according to their earned hours of credit. Current students will be advised of their specific priority date and time via their secure CVCC e-mail, but they will also be able to register throughout the registration period either on-line or by appointment in the Advising Center.

New and returning students (those who have not been enrolled in curriculum courses during the previous three semesters) will be able to register after the priority period for Current Students.

Registration activities for curriculum classes can be found at:

» Registration
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3.10 North Carolina Residency for Tuition Purposes

CVCC adheres to the laws and regulations established by the North Carolina General Assembly to determine North Carolina residency for tuition purposes.

» Provisions for Determining Resident Status

Specific documents used to establish residency can be found on the CVCC Student Services Admissions website at:

» N.C Residency

Students will be assisted with Residency issues by Admissions Staff. 

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3.14 Scholarships, Financial Aid, and VA Educational Benefits

CVCC follows well defined procedures to assist students in obtaining financial aid for which they are eligible. The CVCC web site provides step-by-step procedures.

Information about Scholarships:

» Scholarships

Information about Financial Aid:

» Financial Aid

Information about VA Educational Benefits:

» Veterans Benefits
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3.15 Copies of Academic Record

Students have access to unofficial copies of their CVCC transcript at their secure MyServices account.

For an official copy of the CVCC transcript, the process is detailed on the Student Records page at:

» Transcript Request

For an official copy of test scores that have been taken at CVCC, the process is detailed on the Testing Center page at:

» Request Test Scores
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3.17 Privacy of Students ("FERPA") Procedure

Post-secondary institutions are required by the Solomon Amendment to comply with requests for directory information about students enrolled in programs of study at the college. Additionally, post-secondary colleges/universities request directory information about students enrolled in programs of study at the college.

CVCC recognizes the need to inform enrolled students about educational opportunities that are available beyond the sphere of the college. There is no obligation required from the student upon receipt of this information. To provide equitable access to college-approved requestors, CVCC endeavors to provide the same FERPA designated directory information to college-approved requests:

Student’s name
Institution email address
Telephone listing
Program of Study
Class level (Freshman or Sophomore)

Additionally, to comply with the Solomon Amendment, FERPA designated directory information will include the list above as well as Date of Birth.

A student has the right to refuse to let the CVCC designate any or all types of information about him/her as directory information. The student must notify the Director of Student Records in writing that he/she does not want any or all types of information about him/her designated as directory information prior to the first day of the semester.

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