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CVCC Other Procedures - Part 1

CVCC, Other Procedures, Part 1

Social Media Procedures

CVCC supports the appropriate use of social media in accordance with section 4.18 of the CVCC Policies.

“Social media” is a conversation between the college and students, prospective students, parents, the community and many other entities and individuals. It is a very public social arena where the rules of engagement change frequently.

Social media offers a chance to build a sense of community and to empower our students and ourselves by offering an open exchange of ideas and fostering interaction. This tool allows us to share both insights and information in a globally distributed conversation. To foster that atmosphere, the following should be observed:

  1. When establishing a social media site, the Community Relations Department will assist in the creation of the primary account, or administrative access must be given to a member of the Community Relations staff.
  2. All social media sites representing the college must clearly state this by including “CVCC” in the name of the site.
  3. CVCC social media sites should be open to posting to encourage engagement.
  4. Posts that are obscene, harassing sexually or racially, personally insulting, profane or derogatory will be deleted.
  5. Conduct on official CVCC social media sites that is not acceptable at CVCC will result in disciplinary action according to student and/or employee disciplinary policies.
  6. Use of social media on behalf of CVCC is subject to Policy 4.3 Public Representation of CVCC and Policy 4.18 Technology Resources (Acceptable Use).

General Guidance for Social Media:

  1. Remember, it is a conversation, but avoid unnecessary or unproductive arguments.
  2. Be authentic—be YOU.
    • Be transparent.
    • Speak for yourself and ensure the audience knows that you are not speaking on behalf of others.
  3. Respect your audience.
    • Take responsibility; you are what you write.
    • If you alter a previous post, note that you have done so.
    • If you make a mistake, be the first to correct it.
    • If you think your comment may be inappropriate, stop before you hit SEND. You may delete the comment, but an impression is made once it is read by others.
    • Do not engage in any conduct that is unacceptable at CVCC (no obscenity, racial slurs, personal insults, profanity, etc.).
    • Do not post confidential or proprietary information about CVCC, our students, alumni or fellow employees.
  4. Like email, posts to CVCC social media sites are public record. Any communication via the sites may be subject to monitoring and disclosure to third parties.
  5. When posting in an official capacity as a faculty or staff member, uphold CVCC’s mission and vision. Keep your personal views separate.
  6. Know and follow CVCC’s guidelines for employee and student behavior.
  7. Respect and follow copyright and fair use laws.
  8. Represent CVCC well and make us proud!

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