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The CVCC Policy and Procedure Manual ensures consistent compliance of all students, faculty, and staff.

Table of Contents for Procedures

Compliance, Organization, Regulation

1.1 Compliance with CVCC Policies
1.5 Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ Commission on Colleges - Substantive Change Reporting
1.5-1 Curricular Revision Procedure
1.5-2 Operational/Administrative Revision Procedure
1.7 Equal Opportunity/Nondiscrimination

Academic/Instructional Procedures

2.3 Course Prerequisites and Co-requisites
2.4 Waiver of Developmental Courses
2.5 Repeating Curriculum Courses
2.6 Auditing a Course
2.7 Enrollment Status
2.8 Class Attendance and Membership
2.9 Course Document and Instructor Syllabus Procedure
2.10 Procedures for Conducting Off-Campus Instructional Activities and Extra-Curricular Activities
2.13 Equipment and Furniture
2.16 Academic Honesty
2.17 Academic Credit
2.18 Guidelines for Policy
2.19 Grades and Grade Changes
2.21 Grading Procedures
2.22 Academic Forgiveness
2.23 Honors and High Honors (Graduation)
2.24 Honors and High Honors (Fall and Spring Semesters)
2.25 Academic Sanctions
2.26 Graduation - Curriculum Program of Study Completion
2.27 Graduation (Residency Requirement)
2.28 Graduate Guarantee Procedure
2.29 Academic Advising Services

Student Services 

3.1 Career Counseling
3.2 Admission to CVCC
3.3 Admissions-Undocumented Immigrants
3.4 Admission to Curriculum Programs of Study Procedure
3.4.1 Admissions to Distance Education Classes
3.5 Placement Testing Services
3.7 Program for Students with Disabilities
3.8 Registration
3.9 Tuition and Fees 
3.10 North Carolina Residency for Tuition Purposes
3.11 Student Refund Policies
3.12 Overdue Student Financial Obligations
3.13 Student Insurance
3.14 Scholarships, Financial Aid, and VA Educational Benefits
3.15 Copies of Academic Record
3.16 Student Records Retention
3.17 Privacy of Students ("FERPA") Procedure
3.18.1 Students Behavior Sanctions Procedure
3.18.2 Title IX Violations: Reporting and Response to Sexual Violence, Sexual or Gender-based Harassment, and Other Sexual Misconduct Procedure
3.19 Student Due Process
3.20 Student Activities
3.21 Health Services
3.22 Job Placement Services
3.23 Collegiate Athletics

CVCC Operations

4.1 CVCC Committees
4.5 Institutional Calendar Operating Hours
4.6 Adverse Weather (campus closings)
4.12 Illegal Drugs - Controlled Substances Accident - Student Conduct
4.14 Communicable Diseases Policy Procedures
4.18 Bring Your Own Mobile Device (BY0MD) Procedure
4.22.1 Research Procedures

Personnel and Employment

5.2 Faculty Titles
5.3 Probationary Period Procedure
5.6 Faculty Teaching Load Requirements
5.8 Procedure Secondary Employment
5.10 Professional Development
5.11 Employee Evaluations Procedures
5.13 Faculty Administrative Adjustment
5.33 Voluntary Shared Leave Procedure

Business Affairs, Facilities and Equipment

6.1 Use of State Property - Bulletin Boards
6.2 Use of CVCC Facilities (including multipurpose fields)
Approval, Fees, Appropriate Use
Procedures for Obtaining Authorization to Use CVCC Facilities for Non-Commercial Expression Activities (“Expression Activities”)
6.4 CVCC Payment Card Industry (PCI) Procedure

Safety and Security Procedures

Reporting a Crime, Emergency, or Safety Concern
Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures
Confidential Reporting Procedures
Timely Warnings
Annual Disclosure of Crime Statistics
Sexual Offense/Assault Protocol

Occupational Safety Procedures

Material Safety Data Sheet

Other Procedures

Social Media Procedures