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CVCC Policies

6. Business Affairs, Facilities and Equipment

6.1 Use of State Property

The use of state property and/or equipment for personal gain is not permitted according to state statutes. Any individual who becomes aware of such activity is required to report such activity to the appropriate Vice President.

CVCC students and employees may utilize certain bulletin boards designated by the President (or designee) to advertise the sale of used personal items. The President (or designee) shall establish procedures and guidelines for such usage.

» 6.1 Use of State Property Procedure - Bulletin Boards
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6.2 Use of CVCC Facilities (including multipurpose fields) Approval, Fees, Appropriate Use

CVCC and CVCC-sponsored activities shall receive first priority in the reserving of CVCC facilities in most cases. When facilities are available, CVCC welcomes use by community groups and organizations. Certain facilities specified by the President or designee may be used by students, faculty, staff, and others in accordance with the CVCC Policy #4.4 regarding Free Speech, Public Assembly, and Distribution/Petitioning.

Scheduling of CVCC facilities will be done on a first-come, first-serve basis after CVCC and CVCC-sponsored activities are scheduled. CVCC does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, creed, national origin, sex, age, or disability. Approval to use College facilities is not an endorsement by CVCC of the user’s organization or group. CVCC reserves the right to deny usage to any group or organization if there is reason to believe that such use would interfere with CVCC’s educational mission, operations, or functions.

Each group, organization, or individual desiring to use the facilities must obtain approval for usage in accordance with timelines and procedures established by the Chief Financial Officer or designee. CVCC facilities may be used only for purposes approved in accordance with these established procedures. CVCC reserves the right to change assigned facilities/rooms or cancel a reservation if an emergency or urgent need justifies such a change. Every effort will be made to suitably accommodate the affected group should such a situation arise. An agreement for use of facilities may not be transferred or assigned to any other person or agency without the consent of CVCC.

» 6.2  Regulation Regarding Use of College Facilities Procedure 
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