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Student Leadership Academy Fellows Recognized

Fourteen students recently completed Catawba Valley Community College’s first year-long Student Leadership Academy. The fellows were recognized at a Student Leadership Symposium and luncheon held in their honor.

The first CVCC Student Leadership Academy Fellows are Stephen Brown (Sherrills Ford), Jenny Cline (Bethlehem), Karen Denton (Hickory), Sharon Downs (Hickory), Justin Greer (Granite Falls), Michael Haynes (Granite Falls), Dannelle Hester (Taylorsville), Nicollette Jones-Flowers (Hickory), Michael Lancaster (Hickory), Barbara Mason (Stony Point), Ray Salisbury (Bethlehem), Gabriel Underwood (Hickory), and Adel Wilks (Hickory).

The Student Leadership Academy fellows received more than 20 hours of intensive leadership training and contributed over 90 hours of service to CVCC. Dr. Dianne Little, director of CVCC’s Phillips Leadership Institute, supervised the Student Leadership Academy.

Guest speakers at the symposium included Dr. Grace Mitchell, president of Vadec Resources in Charlotte; and Dr. Hampton Hopkins, dean of student services at the Carolinas College of Health Sciences in Charlotte.  
Four fellows were recognized for their achievement in professional portfolio presentation. Wilks and Downs won first place. Hester and Salisbury received honorable mention.

On CVCC’s Student Government Awards Day, four of the fellows were recognized by their peers as outstanding future leaders based on their involvement in and contributions to the Academy.  “Future Leader” awards were presented to Wilks, Downs, Underwood and Salisbury.

Individuals serving on the symposium’s leadership panel  were Honorable Rudy Wright, Mayor of Hickory; Dr. Jane Everson, Appalachian Center of Hickory director; Teresa Biggs, CVCC Foundation executive director; Janet Painter, associate professor of education at Lenoir-Rhyne University; Kelly Farr, second vice president at Mountain 1st  Bank and Trust; Dr. Linda Lutz, student engagement executive director at CVCC;  Steve Hunt, executive director of

CVCC’s Office of Multicultural  Affairs;  Adina Andreu, administrator for professional and support services for Catawba Valley Medical Center; Cindy Coulter, executive officer of CVCC’s  student services; and Ron Valentini, VenturePrise Center executive director at CVCC.  

For more information about the Academy, contact Little at 828-327-7000, ext. 4411 or

Pictured (front, from left) Nicollette Jones-Flowers (Hickory), Jenny Cline (Bethlehem), Adel Wilks (Hickory), Dannelle Hester (Taylorsville), Michael Haynes (Granite Falls), (back) Barbara Mason (Stony Point), Sharon Downs (Hickory), Ray Salisbury (Bethlehem), Gabriel Sherwood (Hickory), Justin Greer (Granite Falls), Michael Brown (Sherrills Ford), and Dr. Dianne Little, Director.


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