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Global Initiative

Strategic Direction: Institutionalizing Globalization/Diversity

Initiative #1: Addressing globalization through courses of instruction, the College will
Completion Date and Objectives:

Dec. 2007 Expand continuing education opportunities for the understanding of international cultures.
Dec. 2008 Research courses for related global themes and make additions and changes to the courses that reflect globalization.
Dec. 2008 Provide globalization training for all faculty and staff.
Dec.2009 Identify and utilize key resources to provide assistance in addressing global issues.

Initiative #2: Providing events and activities for students’ discovery and understanding of a global economy, the College will
Date and Objectives:
Dec. 2007 Develop a global awareness presence within the College website.
May 2009 Promote international travel for faculty, staff and students.
May 2009 Host speakers, cultural events, and workshops to promote global and cultural education.
May 2010 Expand library resources related to globalization.

Initiative #3: Creating global partnerships, the College will
Completion Date and Objectives:
Dec. 2008 Partner with international institutions of higher education.
May 2009 Develop networks with cooperating institutions in global studies programs.
Dec. 2010 Develop partnerships with the business community to embrace global ventures. 

Initiative #4: Promoting a college culture that embraces diversity, the College will
Completion Date and Objectives:
May 2008 Encourage service-learning projects for diverse populations and purposes.
Dec. 2008 Create a welcoming environment for diverse populations.
May 2009 Provide diversity training for all faculty and staff.
May 2009 Address cultural barriers that individuals face as students at our college.
May 2010 Create a permanent display that demonstrates the college’s commitment.


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