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Alexander Center History

Alexander Center started with humble beginnings and has grown into a thriving program.

CVCC in Alexander County began in 1980 with one instructor having a CVCC phone line in her house and her office in the trunk of her car. Classes were held wherever space could be found, such as the library and local classrooms.

In 1990 CVCC moved, with the help and support of the Alexander County Commissioners, into our first permanent location. Though it was just the basement of the Duke Power Building, we had room for three classes at the same time.

Of course, once given the room to grow, we did expand and were soon bursting at the seams! In 1994, again with the help of the commissioners, we were able to move into the old Lewittes Office Building, a much larger facility, but in great need of a good cleaning and paint job. Luckily, many people joined in and helped us to get the job done.

In our current facility at 345 Industrial Boulevard, we have continued to grow and offer many more classes. Once again we are bursting at the seams!